• 60%

    of SMBs close within 6 months of a cyber attack

  • 207

    average number of days to detect a security breach

  • $3.9M

    average total cost of a data breach

Fusion of Advanced Technologies and Managed Security Operations

At Blueshift, we fuse technology with the human expertise SMBs need to thrive. Blueshift mixes automated threat detection and response with hands-on cybersecurity expertise to increase efficiency and reduce cost. We will build a partnership that works nonstop to protect your business.

Comprehensive Coverage from End Point to the Cloud

The Blueshift XDR™ service combines advanced deep packet inspection, comprehensive security event logging, and vulnerability detection to actively defend your entire IT infrastructure and devices, including remote workers (work from home). AI and machine learning combine with proprietary algorithms and filtering to distill voluminous alerts to a meaningful and manageable total. Blueshift's active on-premise sensors constantly monitor and automatically protect all assets. And everything is monitored around the clock by Blueshift’s 24/7/365 SOC – manned by seasoned industry experts with context, tactics, and behavior to diagnose and resolve vital threats rapidly. Only Blueshift XDR combines enterprise-grade technology with human intervention to protect any sized company affordably via an easily deployed SaaS-based platform.

Optimized Security. Optimized Operations.

Cybersecurity should not impact business operations, Yet operations are not optimized if they are not secure. Blueshift XDR stops threats and reduces risk with zero disruption to your business. Blueshift’s ultra-focused process automatically and instantaneously quarantines identified threats versus shutting down operations.

A Partnership that Adapts With You

Small and medium-sized businesses need the same comprehensive protection as large enterprises. SMBs face the same complex (and expensive) compliance requirements as their larger counterparts. Complete protection combines innovative technology with seasoned industry experts to identify critical threats, enabling SMBs to navigate the ever-changing threat and compliance landscapes. Blueshift is the expert partner SMBs need to defend against cyber threats and manage compliance requirements. We will protect your business while you profitably grow it. And our experienced team will address your shifting needs into the future.