Opinion Paper: How Blueshift XDR Meets CMMC 2.0 Technology Controls


This Opinion Paper from Gray Analytics, a leading cybersecurity risk management company, reviews Blueshift’s comprehensive CMMC 2.0 compliance solution.

Gray Analytics finds that with the basic Detect and Response implementation of Blueshift Managed XDR, the platform can enable an organization to meet compliance on 14 practices across the 14 domains that make up CMMC. An organization that utilizes the full functionality of the Blueshift Managed XDR solution can potentially meet an additional 25 practices.

In addition, organizations that implement the full suite of services that make up the Blueshift Managed XDR solution, which consists of Blueshift Managed XDR, Managed Data Defense, Managed Secure Storage, Whitelist Management, Email and File Share Security, and Physical Security Training could increase the total number of compliant practices to 50. All 50 applicable practices evaluated required an interview or technical demonstration.

The Blueshift Managed XDR Platform also. touches on 38 practices that were previously defined for CMMC 1.0