Blueshift XDR

Comprehensive Cyber Security Operations based on an open XDR platform, specifically designed to protect all devices and data across your entire IT infrastructure.

Managed Detection & Response

Blueshift XDR extends agentless detection and response to any device connected to the network. The Cyber Threat Edge Node inspects and logs every data packet moving into and out of your network and applies threat intelligence, anomaly detection, and deception technology to detect and block potential intrusions automatically and to reduce alert volumes significantly.

Managed Vulnerability Detection

Blueshift XDR provides agentless vulnerability scanning for all network devices and agent-based vulnerability detection for all endpoints and servers – wherever they reside- on premises, at home, or in the cloud.

Managed SIEM

Blueshift Managed SIEM supports monitored security analytics and compliance across the entire enterprise,  including endpoints, servers, cloud environments, containers, and remote workers. Support for Windows, Linux, and MacOS ensures compatibility across your entire organization. Unlimited security logs are uploaded and stored in the on-premise Cyber Threat Edge Node for analysis and forensic investigations and may be archived indefinitely.

Zero Trust Data Defense

Protect data at rest and anywhere it goes with Cigent Plus ® for Windows.  Protect files on endpoints and network shares from unauthorized access with file-level multifactor authentication.  Individual files can be protected at all times, or for added convenience, with risk-based authentication only during a security incident. Cigent Plus also supports file level encryption and user rights’ management that remains with the file no matter where it goes and supports secure encrypted file sharing between only authorized users.

Managed Self-Defending Storage

With Blueshift XDR, Cigent Secure SSDs are configured, monitored, and managed centrally. Every Cigent Secure SSD™ features firmware-based invisible disk partitions that hide data from cyber adversaries below the OS layer, even when the system is in use. The Blueshift SOC can proactively lock disk partitions during a security incident and cause them to disappear from the Windows file system until the incident is resolved.

Zero Trust Application Whitelisting

Surpass typical whitelist features and employ highly effective default-deny defense with Blueshift Protect’s whitelist management. Global Application Whitelist reduces setup and enhances security.  The optional antivirus solution scans for endpoint malware, rootkits, and viruses.

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